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Virtual Breeding Summit

 6.30pm – 9.30pm

January 19, 2022



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A new year, a new era. There is no denying that 2022 brings with it new challenges that livestock farmers are forced to face. That said, it also brings new opportunities and the animals we breed in 2022 will play a major part in the future direction of profitable dairy and beef production in Ireland.

On the evening of Wednesday 19th of January 2022, after the success of our inaugural event in 2021, Agri Insider is delighted to bring you its virtual breeding event, Breeding 2022. Through a balanced and independent agenda, we answer your questions and discuss the major topics facing farmers this breeding season. Whether you are in the dairy or beef sector, we will be discussing the burning issues, LIVE and interactive.

So, sit back and prepare to be informed, entertained and engaged as our host Ivan Yates challenges our expert panellists. Your questions will set the topic of conversation as we debate, discuss (and argue) on all that is currently relevant to enable you to make the best decisions for your farm, your herd and your future.

This event will be brought to you over our bespoke virtual platform with ease of interaction with exhibitors and sponsors paramount. You will easily be able to ask some of the best minds in the business questions on breeding, bull selection, heat detection technology, calving aids, nutrition and much more. Experts will be live on the night to discuss all things related to dairy and beef breeding season 2022.

The evening will essentially be divided into 3 sections:

Section 1 will be aimed primarily at Dairy Farmers

Section 2 will be relevant to both Dairy and Beef Farmers

Section 3 is aimed at Beef Farmers

We look forward to welcoming all to this FREE virtual event, to give you the opportunity to kick 2022 off in a positive note and with confidence in your breeding decisions.


Agri Insider has built on their reputation throughout 2021 for hosting the premier agricultural related virtual events in Ireland. Some of our highlights included the National Dairy Show, the Farming Renewables Summit, AgriBusiness Summit, the SAT AgriTech Summit and of course, Breeding 2021. The interactions and audience engagement were ground-breaking for virtual agricultural events and left sponsors, exhibitors and farmers all looking for more. So, as unfortunately Covid restrictions lead to more uncertainty and from speaking to those involved in Irish agriculture, the team at Agri Insider have advanced their preparation to run the Breeding 2022 virtual event. The focus on dairy and beef will be clearly and equally split on the agenda.

Forget everything you know about boring webinars and being zoomed out, our productions are regularly reported as ‘the best in the field’.  Breeding 2022 is designed to provoke lively debate, exciting panel discussions, independent agendas, easy interaction and great show special offers. 

We are delighted to have Ivan Yates as our host with his renowned insight and no nonsense approach. Cutting through the waffle to give you, the viewer, all the information needed to make the right decisions for your farm or business. 

Agri Insider have prioritised unheralded access for your views to be pushed direct to the experts. All comments and questions can be easily put to some of the industries best minds in real time, anonymously or otherwise.

 An ounce of breeding beats a tonne of feeding! The repercussions of breeding decisions will be felt good or bad on your farm for years to come, so make sure you have all the best information available to make the right decisions for your farm. As such, sit back and enjoy a FREE night of engaging and informative agricultural entertainment. We look forward to greeting you on January the 19th 2022.

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